Warrior Cats Of The Forest

Run free, Run wild! Role-play as your own Warrior cat!
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 breezekit's mca sign-up

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breezekit's mca sign-up Empty
PostSubject: breezekit's mca sign-up   breezekit's mca sign-up EmptyThu Jun 24, 2010 9:55 am

familiarty with warriors:wating on last book of the 2nd series
fav mcs in warriors:leafpool,spottedleaf,cinderpelt
what you would do as this rank:learn healing herbs, help my clan, interpret signs from starclan
what do you know about this rank: mcs heal their clan with herbs,but they do learn fighting skills, dont have mates, interpret signs from starclan
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breezekit's mca sign-up
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